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Video Blog: How Being Represented by a Lawyer Protects Your Medical Records & Injury Claim

Lawyers are not always needed, are they? Some people think its obvious why they don’t need a lawyer’s help after a car accident.  They weren’t at fault for the accident, so no one is blaming them.  The ICBC adjuster is being friendly and paying for some medical treatment, and perhaps even some lost wages.  The…

What is a Crosswalk?  The Answer Might Surprise You

What is a Crosswalk? The Answer Might Surprise You

Most people think that a crosswalk is only that area on a street marked with parallel white lines.  Unfortunately, most people are incorrect.  The B.C. Motor Vehicle Act defines a crosswalk as: “crosswalk“ means  (a) a portion of the roadway at an intersection or elsewhere distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by signs or by lines…