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Marine Law Experts: Collisions, Injuries, Repair Disputes and more

When dealing with an issue involving boats, shipping and navigation, commercial fishing or marine pollution, a marine law expert navigates to a good outcome.

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Marine law is a complex and special area of law that impacts any case that involves ships or boats, waterways, navigation and shipping, maritime employment, commercial fishing, mooring, marine pollution, property damage or injuries on the water. There are unique rights and obligations that come into effect in these cases and having an experienced lawyer on board means that clients can navigate to the best outcome possible. Keeping up to date on the latest developments in marine law is challenging. Avoiding uncharted legal waters that can sink an otherwise salvageable case is critical.

League and Williams has the largest marine law practice on Vancouver Island and serves clients from across BC on a wide variety of issues. Darren Williams, founding partner of League and Williams, is one of the leading marine law litigators in the province of British Columbia. Darren has published over 100 articles and has provided media comment on these issues in British Columbia. Darren has acted for a wide range of marine clients including owners of vessels (from small pleasure craft to deep-sea freighters), large and small shipyards, fishermen, injured ship passengers, insurance companies, international NGOs, and private corporations as well as local and provincial governments.

Darren’s leadership of League and Williams’ marine law practice means that key issues are identified quickly, the best legal strategy is formed early on, and the best result possible is achieved efficiently for our clients.

Do you have a marine law issue that would benefit from having a marine law expert on board? Darren and his team may be contacted today at or 250-888-0002. Do not get sunk by legal problems – let us help you!

Find a list of publications by Darren Williams here. provides ongoing case summaries of marine law cases and since September 2018, has been maintained by League and Williams.

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