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A School Accident Claim May Be Made if Reasonable Care Was Not Taken

If reasonable care is not taken to prevent injuries, a school accident claim may be made if a person is injured. Our injury lawyers offer free consults.

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When a parent entrusts their child to a daycare, pre-school, elementary, middle or high-school they trust that reasonable precautions are taken to keep their children safe.  Sadly, there are circumstances where students come into harms way and are injured, sometimes severely and where reasonable precautions were not taken to ensure the safety of the student by the school administrators or its employees.  When this happens the injured person may have a school accident claim.

If a school is negligent and a person is injured, that person may have a school accident claim.

When an injury to a student happens on school property or during school sponsored activities, it is wise to examine the circumstances of the injury to determine if the school or another party was negligent and therefore responsible for the injury caused.  Further, a careful examination of the facts can ensure that the school acts to protect other students from being injured under similar circumstances.

When the injured party is a child, their legal guardian is responsible for filing the child’s school accident claim on their behalf.

Should the school or another party be found responsible or partly responsible for the injuries sustained, the accident victim would be entitled to an award that compensates for pain & suffering, loss of past and future income, medical expenses, future care costs, property damage, property modification, special equipment and general expenses.

A school accident claim is subject to time limits in the same way as other injury claims; however, if the victim is a minor, special exceptions to the time limits apply.  If you or your child have been injured in a school accident caused by another’s negligence, contact us. Call (250) 888-0002 or email the injury lawyers at League and Williams for a free consultation.  Our legal team has the experience to help you recover.

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