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Injury Claims Lawyers

Our team of lawyers are experienced in injury claims & work to ensure that injured victims recover to their fullest potential. Free consultations.

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At League and Williams, our effective, compassionate, and competent legal team consists of injury lawyers and assistants who work with our clients to guide them through the injury claims process while they recover from their accident. We value every client and we work to put our clients’ interests first to help them get access to the treatments they need to recover their health and to get fair compensation for their injuries.

We understand that when clients have a clear understanding of the process and the choices available, they are more likely to feel secure, confident and empowered to have the best recovery possible and are better able to get a fair settlement for the injuries they have suffered. When a person is victim of an accident, it is always best to seek medical care first and to access legal advice as early as possible. This ensures that an accident victim recovers as best as possible from their injuries and that they understand how to avoid harming their recovery or their case inadvertantly.

We are compassionate listeners. We know that the decisions that are made affect a client’s entire life as well as the lives of those close to them. At LaW, our lawyers take the time to advise clients on their options at each step of the process and seek to empower clients to access the treatment and make the decisions that are right for them and their recoveries and their cases.

At LaW, we are partners in accident recovery and handle your BC injury claim with the care and attention to detail it needs to get the fair compensation our clients deserve. We practice injury law with the philosophy that our client’s interests come first and that we get paid when they do.

As experienced BC injury lawyers we are happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide free consultations. Contact us at or 250-888-0002. While we are Victoria, BC based we serve injury clients throughout British Columbia and are BC injury law and BC injury claim experts.

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