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Estate Law Video Blogs In English, Punjabi & Hindi: Helping Those Unfairly Disinherited

Estate Law Video Blogs in English, Punjabi & Hindi: Helping those Unfairly Disinherited

Can those unfairly disinherited challenge a will in BC?

Many people in British Columbia discover that they have been unfairly excluded from an estate by their spouse or their parent. Often, the reasons given for the exclusion are unfair or even discriminatory.  Sometimes the exclusion may be motivated by cultural tradition.

Unfair reasons for disinheritance may include:

  • Being the wrong sex,
  • Liking or marrying the wrong partner,
  • Studying the wrong subject,
  • Choosing the wrong career,
  • Practicing the wrong religion; or,
  • Simply being the less favored child.

Sometimes, a sibling or other person has exercised undue influence or has taken advantage of a person with questionable capacity to make changes to their estate. Sometimes the will maker is under a mistaken belief about the disinherited person.

When a person has been disinherited by a spouse or parent, there are many circumstances where the disinherited person can challenge the estate, however, the time allowed to do so is limited.

Avoid costly mistakes, learn about BC estate law

What adds insult to injury is that many people are unaware of their rights under British Columbia law to challenge the unfair will of a parent, adopted parent or spouse. To this end, League and Williams has produced a series of estate law blogs and estate law video blogs (in English, Punjabi and Hindi) to improve awareness and knowledge of BC Estate Law and help those who find themselves unfairly disinherited.

BC estate law video blogs in English

Fixing a broken will; what can the court do? (in English)

Undue Influence – when will makers are persuaded to disinherit (in English)

Disinheritance – that’s it you’re out of the will! (in English)

Can adopted children challenge their former parents’ will? (in English)

Disinherited? Reasons a BC estate can or should be challenged? (in English)

Who can challenge an unfair will? (in English)

BC estate law video blogs in Punjabi and Hindi

Sometimes language is a barrier to understanding a person’s rights under BC estate law, making those who do not speak or write English fluently at a higher risk of being unfairly disinherited from an estate. To address this, we have translated our information on BC Estate Law into Hindi and Punjabi and are working to better serve those who are a part of the Punjabi, Hindi and Chinese communities who find themselves unfairly disinherited in BC.

For those who speak Punjabi, League and Williams is working with Gurinder Bains to produce the following video blogs and improve service to this group of clients.

Why having a will is important (Estate Law video blog in Punjabi)

Undue Influence in Estate Planning (Estate Law video blog in Punjabi)

Disinherited? We can help. (Estate Law video blog in Punjabi)

Challenging a Will: Time is Limited (Estate Law video blog in Punjabi)

For those who speak Hindi, League and Williams is working with Mayuri Ganatra to produce the following video blogs and improve service to this group of clients.

Estate Law Video Blog 1 in Hindi

Estate Law Video Blog 2 in Hindi

Estate Law Video Blog 3 in Hindi

Estate Law Video Blog 4 in Hindi

Disinherited? Seek legal advice, free consultations offered.

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