About Darren Williams, Principal, League and Williams

Darren Williams, Principal


Darren Williams, principal of League and Williams, has successfully litigated cases at every level of court in Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada, getting his clients the results they deserve. Darren works hard to ensure the needs of the client are met and to arrive at the best resolution possible. He has built the firm on a foundation of client satisfaction and has built a team of committed and collaborative professionals who work in the best interests of the firm’s clients.

Darren divides the majority of his practice between representing injured victims to ensure they get fair compensation for their injuries and representing those who have been unfairly disinherited, working to ensure that they get their fair share of a loved ones’ estate. The remainder of his practice is in general litigation including employment law and marine law.

Darren has been an active member of the Victoria Bar Association since 2004 and served as president of the Victoria Bar Association in 2013.  He is also a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Trial Lawyers Association of BC, the Canadian Maritime Law Association, and the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association.

Prior to being called to the bar in 2001, Darren Williams spent considerable time working in the commercial fishing industry accruing over 1,000 days at sea along the BC coast.  He graduated from Brentwood College in 1991 and attended the University of Victoria, earning a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology in 1996 and a Juris Doctor in 2000.

Darren Williams is married and is the father of four children.

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