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What We Do

Personal Injury Law

At League and Williams, our effective, compassionate, and competent legal team consists of injury lawyers and assistants who work with our clients to guide them through the injury claims process while they recover from their accident. We value every client and we work to put our clients’ interests first to help them get access to the treatments they need to recover their health and to get fair compensation for their injuries.

ICBC and Auto Accident Injury Claims
Slip & Fall, Product Liability, Accident Injuries and Assaults
Negligent Medical Care and Malpractice

Estate Law

When a family member dies, it is an emotional and trying time, made more difficult when a person has been treated unfairly in a Will.  The consequences of an unfair Will can continue to cause bitter feelings and may leave people who were rightfully entitled to benefit from the estate struggling financially and emotionally in the years that follow.  In BC, Wills and Estates are governed by the Wills, Estates and Succession Act – the act specifies the time limits that people have to dispute an unfair Will and governs the process by which people can ask the court to invalidate a Will or change a Will.   

Marine Law

Marine law is a complex and special area of law that impacts any case that involves ships or boats, waterways, navigation and shipping, maritime employment, commercial fishing, moorage, marine pollution, property damage or injuries on the water. There are unique rights and obligations that come into effect in cases that involve marine law, and having a marine law expert on board means that clients can navigate to the best outcome possible. Avoiding uncharted legal waters that can sink an otherwise salvageable case is critical in marine law matters.

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At LaW, our goal is to help clients make decisions based on their needs and their future. We do not get paid unless we recover money for you. Our business is based on satisfied clients and establishing the best possible results for you. Our team works hard to get you the results you deserve and to provide you with advice you can trust.