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The LaW Team: Personal Injury, Estate, And Marine Law Experts In Victoria, BC

The LaW Team: Personal Injury, Estate, and Marine Law experts in Victoria, BC

Established in August 2014, Victoria, BC based League and Williams (LaW) provides experienced, effective legal services in the areas of personal injury, marine law and estate litigation across British Columbia. LaW’s legal team of lawyers, and legal assistants led by principal Darren Williams has extensive litigation experience and delivers legal services with compassion and understanding.  The cornerstone philosophy of League and Williams is that clients should be enabled to have the best recovery possible and that fair and just settlements are the result of working collaboratively with the client and their care providers as a team.

Darren Williams, lawyer & principal

Darren Williams understands the real impact of the problems faced by his clients and arrives at the best resolution possible by providing an exceptional quality of legal services and advice.  Darren has a commitment and dedication to ensuring that his clients recover as best as possible – both physically and financially.  Darren believes that client satisfaction is the key to building and sustaining a leading personal injury firm in British Columbia.

Aside from being a skilled personal injury lawyer, Darren also operates the largest maritime law practice on Vancouver Island and has written and published over 100 articles on maritime law issues.  Darren has been invited to speak and has presented on both maritime law and personal injury law issues at a number of conferences and events.

Andrew Broadley, lawyer

As a member of the LaW team, Andrew Broadley works collaboratively to ensure his clients receive a quality legal services and advice.  Andrew is committed to serving his clients’ interests, regardless of the legal challenge being faced and is dedicated to delivering results and trusted advice.

Andrew was called to the British Columbia bar in 2016.  Prior to being called to the bar, he completed his articles under the supervision of Darren Williams, founding partner of LaW.  Previously, Andrew was a successful business owner who managed a chain of automotive service facilities before selling the business to a national chain to pursue the practice of law.

Andrew practices collaboratively in the areas of personal injury law, and estate litigation.

Andrew is a member of the Victoria Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association and the Trial Lawyers of British Columbia.

Matthew Melnyk, lawyer

Matthew Melnyk is the newest member of the LaW team, continuing with the firm after completion of his articles under the supervision of LaW principal, Darren Williams in 2016.  Matthew is a hard working and dedicated lawyer who endeavours to work collaboratively with his clients and the rest of the LaW team to deliver the results his clients deserve.  Matthew believes working collaboratively to ensure that clients receive quality legal services and advice that they are satisfied with is key to succeeding in the practice of law.

Matthew practices collaboratively in the areas of personal injury law, estate litigation and marine law.

Matthew is a member of the Victoria Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association and the Trial Lawyers of British Columbia.

Legal Assistants and Support Staff

In addition to the lawyers who practice at LaW are the team of legal assistants and support staff who enable our lawyers to deliver exceptional services to our clients.  Every member of the LaW team is detail-oriented and committed to our clients and their satisfaction and works to ensure that every client’s case gets the attention it deserves to get the best resolution possible.

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