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Focused On What Matters: Our Client’s Interests

Focused on What Matters: Our Client’s Interests

Legal procedures and issues can be frustrating and stressful and often get in the way of meeting business objectives or personal goals.  When legal issues are not given the attention to detail they need, or when lawyers fail to listen to their clients and understand the problems they face, the solutions available and their client’s interests, the frustration and stress continue to mount – or a legal solution is provided that fails to resolve the underlying problems or causes other legal problems down the road.  There is far more to client satisfaction than just providing competent legal services.  League and Williams believes that the best results are only possible when the lawyer handling the case is competent in the law, understands and appreciates their client’s situation, and is committed to putting the needs of that client first.  We have demonstrated our legal competency and our commitment to client satisfaction over our many years of effectively handling a wide variety of personal injury claims, estates disputes and marine law issues.  We not only understand the legal system, but also understand our clients and strive to put their needs first.  This is just one of the things that makes League & Williams (LaW) different from other law firms in British Columbia.

Legal issues take a huge toll on people, both physically and emotionally, and often takes months or years to put lives or businesses back on track after a legal issue arises.  Having a lawyer who can provide trusted advice and help to make decisions that meets your needs is invaluable.  Having a lawyer who is committed to finding the solutions needed goes a long way towards making legal problems less stressful and frustrating.

For personal injury cases, you can count on League & Williams to serve only your interests as the injured party. We have no hidden agendas! We guide you through every step of the claim process – right through settlement or trial. We educate you about your claim. We keep in close contact with you and work closely with your team of healthcare professionals who are helping you regain your health and wellness.  We ensure our clients are empowered to recover as best as possible from their injuries.

For estate disputes, you can expect us to help you understand the options available to remedy an unfair will.  We work with our clients to enable a better understanding of what they are entitled to under BC Estate Law and to empower our clients to gain the benefits that they are entitled to from an estate. Then we guide our clients through the process of disputing a will and asking the court to change the will in accordance with the BC Wills, Estates and Succession Act We stand by our clients right through settlement or trial.

For maritime law, you can trust us to identify key issues in this highly specialized area. Regardless if you are a humble boat owner or a major player in the province’s commercial fishing scene, League and Williams will always be there to lend its legal and technical know-how in the province’s maritime law industry.

Here at League & Williams, we work with the our client’s interests at heart. Give us a call at 250-888-0002, email at or visit for a free consultation.

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