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Cohabitation & Marriage Agreements – Be Prepared if Your Relationship Ends

Sometimes it’s best to prepare for the worst. Cohabitation agreements or prenuptial agreements can help to ensure there are no surprises if your marriage/relationship ends.

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Everybody hopes that the serious relationship they are in will last.  Sadly, many do not – nearly half of all marriages and an even greater share of unmarried relationships end.  For this reason, it is smart to think about how the end of the relationship would be handled by both parties if it were to happen.  A formal agreement that summarizes each person’s legal obligations to the other about the end of a relationship, should it happen, is referred to as a cohabitation agreement (if the couple is not married) or a marriage (or prenuptial) agreement (if the couple is married).

Having an experienced family lawyer on your side will help.  If you would like to speak with our family lawyer, Jim Monier-Williams about your divorce, please contact us.

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