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Family Law – League and Williams Lawyers Helping Families Through Change

Family law problems are some of the most stressful legal problems a person can face, having Brittany Buna on your side can help.

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Family law problems are some of the most stressful legal problems a person can face and it is important to get good advice early.  This is especially true if you suspect that you may need to use the courts to get an order in the future.  Brittany Buna’s approach to family law is to provide you with objective advice about your rights and obligations.  Brittany works with you to review your goals and preferred outcomes and develops an appropriate and effective strategy for negotiation, mediation and, if necessary, litigation.

Brittany is a skilled negotiator who is focused on getting fair results for her clients and their loved ones.  Brittany is able to provide services relating to:

  • Divorce and separation,
  • Division of assets for married, common law and same sex couples,
  • Child and spousal support,
  • Child custody, guardianship and access,
  • Mobility applications (the right to move where children are involved),
  • Marriage, cohabitation, prenuptial and separation agreements; and,
  • Enforcement of previous agreements or judgments.

If you have a family law matter you need assistance with, please contact us for a confidential consultation with Brittany Buna (note: Consultations on family law matters are billed at an hourly rate).

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