LaW Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers are Experts in BC Injury Claims

Slip & Fall and Assaults

Slip and fall accidents can result in significant injuries that affect all aspects of victims lives from their health, career, and finances to their relationships with friends and loved ones. At LaW it is our goal to assist slip & fall victims in repairing all aspects of their lives through:

  • ensuring funding and access to the right treatment so that they can get back as much of their health as possible;
  • recovering their financial losses through their slip and fall claim; and
  • obtaining compensation to make up for the effect the injuries sustained have on their lives.

If a person is injured while shopping, doing their banking or attending a business location, they often may find themselves being ignored by the local managers and having difficulties contacting head office. Some businesses deny that victims were injured at all or accuse victims of being at fault for the injuries they have sustained.

If a person is injured while on private property, such as at a social event, or while visiting a friend or an acquaintance many people do not know how to proceed or may feel awkward in proceeding to get compensation for their injuries and recovery of their out-of-pocket expenses.

Almost always there is an insurance company that covers the person responsible for your slip and fall injury. At LaW, we help ensure that slip and fall claims get on the right desk and that victims receive fair compensation for their injuries.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall contact us at 250-888-0002 or via email at for a free consultation. We will work with you to get fair compensation for your injuries and access to the treatment you need to recover. We are Victoria, British Columbia based but serve clients throughout British Columbia.