Car Accident? League & Williams are Experienced in ICBC Injury Claims

ICBC and Car Accident Injury Claims

Making an ICBC Injury Claim & How League and Williams can Help

Being injured in a car accident can affect all aspects of your life including your health, career, finances and relationships. Making an ICBC injury claim can seem overwhelming and complicated.  At LaW we assist you in putting your life back together by:

  • ensuring funding and access to the right treatments so that you can recover as much of your health as possible;
  • recovering your financial losses, including past wage losses, out-of-pocket medical expenses, future wage loss and future cost of care through your injury claim; and
  • obtaining compensation for the pain and suffering that has been endured as a result of the accident.

League & Williams Enables Clients to Focus on Recovering from Their Injuries

Dealing with ICBC or other insurers on your own can be difficult and often results in settling an injury claim for much less than the actual losses that resulted from the accident.  Many people experience financial pressures in the wake of a car accident as a result of an inability to work because of their injuries, and those financial pressures often result in taking a fast settlement rather than a fair settlement.  Many people are not familiar with BC injury law, how to make an ICBC injury claim and how to adequately prove the injuries they have suffered, and as a result the settlement they are able to negotiate is far less than what could be negotiated on their behalf by an experienced ICBC injury claim lawyer who knows how to effectively prove the damages caused by an injury.  Many people are not aware of how the injury is likely to impact their lives in the years ahead, and as a result underestimate the damages that they are entitled to be compensated for.  Many people find that dealing directly with ICBC or other insurers interferes with their ability to focus on recovering from their injuries and introduces a great deal of stress into their lives.

It is important to remember that insurance companies strive to keep premiums low for ratepayers and to maximize the amount of profits they generate for shareholders – as such accident victims often find themselves going from “valued customer” to a “cost that must be minimized” in the wake of an accident.  Dealing with an ICBC injury claim or other insurers personally may be bad for your health and well-being – both physically and financially.

Getting Fair Compensation Often Requires Experienced Legal Help

Personal injury lawyers who listen to their clients and work with their clients to understand the injuries that have been suffered and the impact those injuries have had on their client’s lives are better able to fully account for the damages that have resulted from an accident.  Personal injury lawyers who know BC injury law and how to prove the damages that have resulted from an accident are better able to get fair settlements for their clients.  Personal injury lawyers who treat each case with the care and attention to detail it deserves and who put the interests of their clients first mean that clients can trust the advice they are being given.  At LaW, our experienced, competent, and compassionate lawyers effectively advocate on our clients’ behalf, empowering them to focus on their recoveries and providing them with advice they can trust.  At LaW, our clients with injury claims obtain the fair compensation from ICBC or other insurers that they deserve.

Being in a car accident is terrible, particularly when someone else is either partly or fully to blame.  However, accessing the treatments needed to recover and getting fair compensation for the damages caused, the impact of the car accident on your life can be minimized.  Having an experienced, competent and compassionate legal team on your side, there to assist you with your recovery – even covering the cost of treatment when ICBC refuses to, can make recovering from a car accident easier and can ensure that you receive the full amount that you deserve.

We provide free consultations to car accident victims and our BC injury lawyers may be contacted at 250-888-0002 or – we are conveniently located in Westside Village, Victoria, BC and serve clients from across British Columbia.